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C stumbo Schedule

7:40-8:30                        Learning Centers (Free Choice)

8:30-8:40                        Clean up/wash hands for breakfast

8:40-9:05                        Breakfast

9:05-9:15                        Restroom/wash hands

9:15-9:35                        Gym

9:35-9:40                        Wash hands

9:40-9:50                        Calendar/Circle Time

9:50-10:00                      Music/Nursery Rhymes

10:00-10:15                    Table work

10:15-10:50                    Learning Centers (Free Choice)

10:50-11:00                    Clean up/wash hands for lunch

11:00-11:30                    Lunch

11:30-11:40                    Restroom/wash hands

11:40-12:10                    Learning Centers (Free Choice)

12:10-12:40                    Outside Play

12:40-12:50                    Restroom/wash hands

12:50-1:00                      Story time

1:00-2:30                        Rest time

2:30-2:40                        Wash hands for snack

2:40-3:05                        Snack

3:05-3:45                        Learning Centers (Free Choice)

3:45-4:15                        Outside Play

4:15-4:20                        Wash hands

4:20-4:40                        Computers/Reading


Puttin' on the Hits
    Our class will perform in the Puttin' on the Hits Program on May 25th at 6:00 P.M.  If your child is participating in the performance they will need to be here by 5:30 P.M.

Classroom t-shirts
    shirt, please turn your order form and money in by Friday, May 14th.

      We are now accepting applications for 2 1/2 to 5 year olds for the Early Childhood Program.  Please contact the school for more information


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