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READING: Seeing is Believing-4th grade book

Mrs. Castle's 4th Grade Reading Group


Reading VocabularyReading Vocabulary Unit 1 ~ Focus on Family

"A Visit with Grandpa"

biscuits - round forms of baked bread dough made without yeast
dough - soft, thick mixture of flour, milk, fat, and other ingredients for baking prairie - a large open area with few or no trees
raisins - dried grapes
rumpled - crumpled, crushed, wrinkled
teasing - pestering or annoying someone with unkind jokes or tricks
wrinkled - having creases or folds

"Train to Somewhere"

adopt - to take a child of other parents and bring up as your own
atlas - a book of maps
carriage - a four-wheeled vehicle that is pulled or pushed
couple - a man and woman who are married, engaged, and so on
misery - great suffering or unhappiness
platform - a raised level surface


"Yingtao's New Friend"

instruments - devices for producing musical sounds
measures - bars of music
orchestra -a group of musicians playing at a concert, opera, or play
rehearsal - practice to prepare for public performances
triangle - a musical instrument

"Family Pictures"

border - a boundary or edge future - what is to come
handkerchief - a soft piece of cloth used for wiping the face, nose,
inspired - caused someone to do something good
involved - absorbed in, included
laundry - clothes to be washed
memories - all that a person remembers
scene - a view or picture

"Addie In Charge"

bellows - makes a loud, deep noise
billows - great waves of smoke, flame, or sound
crouched - stooped low with bent legs
smarted - felt or caused sharp pain
tufts - bunches of feathers, hair, or grass held together at one end

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