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First Grade is Awesome!
Welcome to a new year of school!  I am so excited to spend this year learning and growing with our first grade classes!  Please check here often for new announcements,

First grade students will begin the new school year by working with numbers to 500.  You can give your child a headstart by helping him/her practice writng and recognizing numbers 0-500. 
Students will also work on addition skills.  Please encourage your child to practice this at home.

We love to read in first grade!  Help your child love reading by reading to them and with them daily.  Together we will build a love of reading for all first grade students!

Accelerated Reader Program
First grade students will be participating in the "Accelerated Reading Program" this year.  This program will help students to become more proficient readers in areas of decoding, fluency, and especially comprehension.   Please allow the students to read their A.R. books every night.  They will take a quiz over the book when they return to school. My goal is for each students to be a member of  the 100 point club by the end of the year.   If you have any questions, please contact me at 285-0883 or send me an email.  HAPPY READING!!!!


  • Begin with a regular deck of playing cards. Take turns pulling two cards from the top. Decide to add or subtract before you begin and make a math problem out of the cards.
  • Have your child take a marker and underline words in the newspaper that he/she can read. You will be surprised at all the words your child can read.
  • Help students get ready for first grade by matching numbers with item of equal value. Playing a matching game with numbers and objects is a good way to practice this.
  • Take time to read with your child each day. The more a child reads, the better reader he/she will become.
  • Using a toy sale papers, have students count money showing the amount each toy cost.
  • Using washable paint, allow your child to paint words to create a picture. This is a wonderful activity to use on a rainy day.


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